Sunday, August 30, 2009

Busy Saturday

Talk about a busy weekend!! Sometimes I just amaze myself with how much I can get accomplished in two days. On Saturday, my husband and myself got up early and head to town to the farmers market. I knew that I was going to do some canning with Kristy, my future daughter-in-law so I wanted to get a box of tomatoes for making tomato juice. I also got some green peppers and some corn that I also wanted to can.

Kristy also bought a box of tomatoes and so it began...we started at about 10:30 and finished at 2:30 p.m. In four hours we made a grand total of 37 quarts of tomato juice and 9 quarts of tomato junks. Kristy and I made a great team and it all worked like clockwork. I make a kind of V-8 juice and add green peppers and onion to my tomatoes while they are cooking on the stove. We then run the tomato junks, peppers and onions through my hand operated juicer. Its really a neat machine, the juice comes out on one side and the tomato skins and seeds come out the other end.

And as if working that hard on a Saturday wasn't enough, I canned the corn today (7 pints), the last of the green beans, made an ice cream pail of refrigerator pickles and THEN the hubby came home with an ice cream pail full of blackberries. So then we made blackberry jam. We decided to see how the juicer worked with blackberries. We cooked the blackberries until they were soft, ran them through the juicer machine and it worked just fabulous!! The seeds came out the one side and the juice and pulp came out the other. And my jam turned our wonderful, hubby couldn't even wait for breakfast, he had to have a slice of bread with jam while it was still warm!!

And so it goes in Central Wisconsin!! Take care, and takes for stopping in.