Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Mom's home!" "Mom's home!"

Thats what I think my beagles were saying last night when I got home from Florida. They were sure happy to see me! After we got done with the hugs and kisses it was time to see.............

...what I brought home with me for them!! Tucker and Maggie both remember that Mom always brings back presents! They both loved their new plush squeaker toys. Of course, Tucker doesn't like to share and always feels that when there are two toys, those toys are both meant for him! Maggie is pretty good about it though, she just waits her turn and then she can grab whichever one that she wants!!

Here are some more photos of our trip to Naples, Florida; this year I had a new treat, I didn't have to travel by myself!! My son and his fiance went with me; we spent the week with my mom and dad who were already down there.
At the beginning of the vacation we had some great weather, it was sunny, and we were able to enjoy the beach. Unforunately, this year the week we were there was coolest weather on record so the nice weather didn't last. We still had sunshine, just not warm temps. But thats okay, we still had a great time and went to some fabulous places. It wouldn't have been possible if it hadn't been for these two special people, my mom and dad! We were so lucky to have a tour guide and chauffeur; and mom never got lost!! (Sorry dad, I couldn't resist!!)

Vanderbilt Beach, about 3 blocks from the duplex! How lucky we were to be able to walk to the beach every day if we wanted to!

We spent a day at the Babcock ranch and saw so many interesting things; the swamps, alligators, cougars, turkeys, deer and other animals native to Florida. It was great!

Another highlight of the trip was a sunset cruise on this fabulous yacht, it took us out into the Gulf where we were lucky enough to see a beautiful sunset. And yes if you haven't already guessed, it was on the cool side and windy, but that didn't stop us from having a good time!

It was a great vacation and we were so lucky to be able to spend it together.

I have more pictures but I am going to be scrapbooking them so you will see them soon. Thanks for stopping by and you never know where our footsteps will take us so enjoy the ride! Take Care!