Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Wedding Day!

Life is starting to get back to normal! It seems that the day went so fast but I was able to really enjoy the day and myself. Only cried a few tears and I was really proud of myself. I am finally able to share some pictures with you. So here they are!

Here is the happy couple at the photo shoot before the wedding. All of the professional pictures were taken at the Wildcat Supper Club, they have beautiful grounds, complete with a pond.

The entire wedding party after the formal shot with their sunglasses!

Justin and his Groomsmen clowning for the camera. They did alot of that!!

Everything went so well, and it was a very nice wedding and reception. They had the reception at a local supper club in our area but had it in their shelter outdoors along with a huge tent sent up for the day. The weather stayed nice and the food was wonderful!!

Me, Jim and my Mom; we were told that we cleaned up rather well!

This is my Mom's Mustang Convertible, she was very nice and trusted Justin to drive it after the wedding.

And, of course, I have lots more pictures and these are just pictures that we took. Haven't even seen the professional picture yet!

I know what your thinking, I bet there is another scrapbook in the works. And there just might be but not for a bit, I have to enjoy my summer alittle bit. I am thinking in couple of months this will be a great project.

As always take care, thanks for checking out the pictures and our happy day!

Here is Justin with some of his Groomsmen. They look more serious than Justin does at the moment.