Saturday, January 22, 2011

And Last Where I Left Off....

I ran into a bit of a card making slump!  I mean it, I could not think of any kind of card that I wanted to stamp!  Who would have thought!  So rather than hang my head in frustration, I decided to get back to my scrapbooking. I usually only scrapbook in the winter when I have more time. When I scrapbook, I have a tendacy to spread everything out, I have cardstock, stamps, ink all over the place!!   So the year that I am up to now is finishing up 1998. My mom and I had went to visit my sister in Palm Desert, California.  Palm Desert is not too far from Palm Springs and the Santa Jacinto Mountains.  So one day my mom and I took the tram ride up into the mountains.  I love how both of these pages turned out, BUT I ask you.....why does one take pictures of snow when you left Wisconsin in the first place to get away from the snow!!!!

Like I said, the year was 1998 and my sister had not yet bought her own place yet. Its been awhile since we've been to California. Most of our winter breaks lead to Florida, as you can see when we get to the next scrapbook installment.

That will probably be tomorrow. I have more pages to share and I wanted to get them all loaded so that I could stamp some cards today. See I just got my new stamps with my contest winnings and I can't wait to stamp some cards!  Yep I got my inspiration back.  Yippee!!!!

As always, take care and we'll talk to you soon!