Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Flower Gardens

Besides stamping I also like flowers, especially flowers that I can grow myself. I don't usually pick the flowers, I just like to admire them.  I am always so happy in the spring when I see what flowers "made it" from the past winter.

I am also finding that I can't remember all of their names, so I thought I would post some pictures and what I think they are, if I am wrong, feel free to let me know their correct name.  I am also hoping that this will help me remember next year just what some of these are as sometimes I loose the plant stakes that has their names on them!
 This grows wild all over our place, since I love the flowers and how colorful they are I dug some up and put on the northside of the house, they are Wild Geraniums.
 Same with the Trilliums, I think they are just lovely.
 I just found out that this is a Fern Leaf Peony. When my Grandma Mashin passed away, my mom gave me the go-ahead to dig up some of her flowers.  This is peony bush is usually the first to bloom in the spring and the blooms are rather small, I can't believe how big this bush has gotten in a short amount of time.
 This has been bugging me but I think I figured out what it is, its a Virginia Bluebell. Someone tried to tell me that its a Bachelors Button but the flowers are not button shapped but rather like little bells. The internet was my source of info, so if I am wrong, feel free to correct me.
I didn't think that my Jack-in-the-Pulpit made it this year, but they are coming up and I am so happy!!  The lacy leafed plant next to them are Dutchmen's Britches.  I didn't think to take their picture this year so I will have to wait for next year. I started out with just a small plant and they are multipling nicely also.
This is my white Bleeding Heart, its almost done and it had a rough start as it was all leafed out and then it froze, I had covered them but I missed one night. I also have a pink one but its an older plant and is done for the season.

Well there you have it!  I know that I have published pictures of my Grandma's pretty yellow flowers or what they are really called, Missouri Primrose.  I also have been busy transplanting them as they multiple like crazy, so I had a plan, because we are in the woods and are lawn has alot of old trees, I am planting yellow flowers wherever I can't get up to with the lawnmower, those big roots of the trees are really nasty to the lawnmower blades anyway. This way I don't have to worry about hitting the roots and I have pretty yellow flowers to look at!  Works for me!!

As always, thanks for stopping in.
Take care,