Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rub-Ons, Who would have thought?!

Stampin' Up introduced Rub-Ons sometime ago, and I, like everyone, thought, "Well thats great, I better order some." And I did and then I did what alot of people do, didn't use them!! I wonder why people do that. Have to have something and then you either forget about them OR you just don't know what to do with them. In this case, I thought, "Ohhh these are so pretty, I will just save them for something special." Yeah right, save them and never use them.

So last weekend I got into a painting mood and if you knew me, you would know that I absolutely hate to paint!! I put it off forever, BUT we are having friends over Labor Day weekend and the picnic table needed a coat of paint, and I really should paint the front steps too. So last Saturday, I started looking in the basement for some paint for the steps, the rust colored paint was dried up; thats okay because I found some hunter green paint, and the steps look pretty good. Then my mom gave me some gray paint for the picnic table, and that looks pretty good too. But then I am thinking about the little bit of green paint that I have left and I just know that the next time I paint (hopefully years from now) that paint will be dried up too!! But then I see this folding chair that I had just gotten from my mom and I am thinking.......thats just the right size to use up this paint! The chair was one that was my grandma's. Its a wooden folding chair and guess what color it was...........blaze orange!!

So after I got the chair painted and it was dry, I thought, you know those rub-ons I bought months ago............wouldn't that look pretty on the back of the chair. Last night I set out to see if I could get them on the chair, I had read the directions, read the reviews on Splitcoast, can't be too hard. And the best part, it wasn't!!

Isn't it great??!! I think my chair turned out just lovely!

I am just so happy with the results!! In the catolog it says that the Rub-ons are easy to apply and add visual interest to any card stock, patterned paper or stamped image. Well I have proof that they were easy to use and this chair is now a visual work of art!!

I am only sorry I didn't take a before picture; because the now picture is just so nice.

I want to explain this last picture, I wanted to set up the shot so that it would really show off my new chair!! So I set it next to my beautiful planter of Impatients and the also inherited watering can that I got from Grandma. Its just a pretty picture and I think Grandma is looking down and say, "Oh isn't that lovely!"

So checkout the Rub-Ons in the Stampin' Up catolog, there are 2 pages of different designs and they are all reasonably priced. Just turn to page 178 and page 179. You get 2 sheets of 5 7/8" x 12" rub-ons, one sheet in either Basic Black and one sheet in Whisper White or one sheet in Chocolate Chip and one sheet in Whisper White. Thats right 2 sheets in each package. There are Christmas, Halloween, Flowers, School Days, and so many more to choose from. Tell me what you think of my chair, I'd love to hear from you!


Cher said...

Hey there, I'm the BaitLady's sister. You're chair turned out beautiful. Now arent you glad you put the effort into that dreaded painting job. LOL

Kim said...

Wonderful! I love rub-Ons!!