Thursday, June 11, 2009

Where have I been?!

If you have been wondering where I have been, well lets just say its a long story.

First my computer died, big time! I took it to the PC Doctors and I had *gasp*! 800 viruses on my pc! Well I was told that they multiple off of each other but it ended up costing me $300 to get the thing fixed, BUT now its all better. The PC Doctors cleaned it up, put the new Norton Anti-Virus software on it and added another gig of memory. So even though it was kind of pricey its still cheaper than going out and buying a new computer, which there is no way that I could afford that!

Second, Then to make things even worse, my husband was laid off of his welding job for at least 3 months! Oh no, thats what I said too! We can manage but things will be very very tight, unemployment compensation is just not enough and your bills don't go down when you don't have the income to pay them. Hence what lead me to number three!

Third, with loosing my computer for 2 weeks, husband loosing his job for 3 months, not being able to afford to buy any stamps or cardstock or brads *sob!* and all of the little things that make life interesting; I just let it all get to me and I admit it I got depressed over the whole thing. But I am happy to report that that I feel better now, I feel like stamping again and summer is almost here!

Even though its been a rather cool spring, I think the temperatures are finally going to warm up. I sure hope so, as I have the sorriest garden; the seeds just aren't coming up like they are suppose to; and the tomato plants really need some sun!!

We've been enjoying sitting out on our front porch when the weather is nice, and look what we seen walk right up our gravel road, right in front of our house.
Yep that is a rather large black bear out for a stroll. My husband figures its weight at 400 lbs.
We've seen bears in the hay field across the road from our place, but this is the first time we've seen one walk down the road, althought other people have seen them. The crazy thing is we don't even live in a remote area, we're only one mile off of a county trunk highway!

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