Thursday, October 15, 2009

Justin's Adventures

Adventures, I think I should have named my son Justin Adventure! As I continue to make his scrapbook pages, I sometimes smile, sometimes laugh and then sometimes just shake my head!! He definitely was a busy kid!
I have also found that when you are scrapbooking, you find things that you have been hording for just the right page, scraps of ribbon that work just right, a stray button, or smal scraps of cardstock. I am finding that the resources that I have in my stamping room is endless. I am also finding a way to use those little pieces of cardstock that I need to have.
Maybe thats why they call scrap - booking!!
Have a great day and thanks, as always for stopping in.

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~mel said...

Cindy... great memory pages!!! Isn't it fun to scrap... I really enjoy it... both digital and paper.