Saturday, October 10, 2009

Justin's First Bear

Moving along in Justin's Scrapbook, we come to the bear hunting section.

Justin was seventeen years old when he drew his first bear tag, the year would have been 2000. He was, unbelievably excited to have finally drawn a bear tag in Wisconsin. On the last weekend of season, we were hunting in northern Wisconsin with friends. The hounds were able to get this lovely bear started and treed.

Of course, I was there with my camera to capture the moment!
The second page is back at camp; you can tell how happy Justin was and to not only have gotten a really nice bear but to also have had three of our Redbone Hounds in on the chase.
The scrapbook page turned out great, and I am really enjoying this. I have moved my stamping from my stamping room to the living room. I know nothing is convenient from the living room and I am continually going back and forth to get something. So you ask why am I doing this, I really don't know but I am stamping and scrapping, so I guess if it works why not?!

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