Friday, October 16, 2009


Patch was probably Justin's favorite horse. He was a Quarter

Horse Paint when my dad bought him for me. He was a retired horse from a guest ranch, for that reason just about anyone could ride him. He would do anything for you. I like to think that he had a soft spot for me and Justin, as we were usually the only ones that could catch him. He could be a stinker, but usually he was just Patch, a real nice horse.

The other day, Justin told me that someday he is going to own another Quarter Horse Paint just like Patch.

Stayed tuned for more scrapbook pages, I have a bunch of ideas for pages; and will post them as I get them finished. Take care, stamp and create!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Justin's Adventures

Adventures, I think I should have named my son Justin Adventure! As I continue to make his scrapbook pages, I sometimes smile, sometimes laugh and then sometimes just shake my head!! He definitely was a busy kid!
I have also found that when you are scrapbooking, you find things that you have been hording for just the right page, scraps of ribbon that work just right, a stray button, or smal scraps of cardstock. I am finding that the resources that I have in my stamping room is endless. I am also finding a way to use those little pieces of cardstock that I need to have.
Maybe thats why they call scrap - booking!!
Have a great day and thanks, as always for stopping in.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Justin's School Days

Don't you just love finding pictures of your children when they were young, innocent and willing to pose for the camera?! I just love this "first day of school" picture, Justin was only six years old and I could still get him to dress up in outfits that I picked for him. And as you know, just a year or so later I couldn't do that anymore. Although he would oblige if it were for something special. Here he is with our first beagle, "Magnum". Not quite sure how I got them both to stand still so long.
I hope you like my scrapbook page and layout, feel free to CASE it, and let me know if you do so that I can check out your version of it!