Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wedding Day!

Well today is the wedding day, I am so glad that I am setting up this post to post automatically. I am sure that I would not have time otherwise. This is the card that my husband and I will give Justin and Kristy. Again it uses the swirl that they also used on the wedding invite, and the colors are the same as what they used.
I am sure that it will be a great day, hopefully the weather will cooperate and that would be a nice touch and hopefully my water proof mascara holds up and I don't look too foolish!!
I will share pictures of the wedding sometime next week. As always, take care!

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Dar said...

Have a wonderful wedding day Cindy. You will cry, your eyes will dry and you will cry again. It's supposed to be that way.
BlessYourHearts, One and All