Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Second Valentine's Card

Here is the second Valentine's Day card that I made. I am happy with the results. I used demensions to pop up the hearts and then cut down some tags that I had and attached them using a window brad. I stamped a design and punched it out using a 1/4" punch and used that as my design for the brad.
It was a very busy day for me and I am glad that I was still able to get some stamping in. Got my house cleaned up and that included cleaning both bathrooms, vaccumed and then made a batch of chocolate cookies. The son was home and I think he ate a dozen and took another dozen cookies with him. He said that they don't make cookies at his house as they are on diets. I snickered to myself, there goes the diet I thought! But then I remembered that my mom always made the best chocolate cookies also so I couldn't blame Justin for eating and taking some with him; as I use my mom's recipe also!
Take care, I have a couple more cards to make and will try and post them this week.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day is Coming!

I haven't done any scrapbooking for the last week, have been pretty busy with going to work then doing the chores at night as the hubby has been helping a neighbor with an outside project. So by the time that I finally get in the house, and then hope that there are enough leftovers for supper, I am too tired to stamp!
But this weekend, I started making some Valentine Day cards. This card that I am showing you today using the fun technique, packing tape! Yep thats what I said, packing tape. After punching out the "hugs and kisses" stamped image, I used packing tape with the sticky side showing and then sprinkled Dazzeling Diamonds onto the tape, take the punched out hugs and kisses onto the back and assemble your card. You then have a very pretty and sparkily card. Of course my scanner doesn't do it justice but its such a fun technique.
I have another card to share and that will be in tomorrow's post. So until then, take care!!