Saturday, May 29, 2010

Florida Vacation 2010 - Naples Country Club!

No vacation would be complete without stopping for a cold one at my folks favorite spot, the Naples Country Club. Its not located on a gold course or anything and I really don't know why its called the Country Club but what I do know is that they have nice cold Coors Light. When you are on vacation, it just is something that you HAVE to do!!
All kidding aside, this page shows Justin getting ready to play the Lobster Tank to see if he can catch a real live lobster. And he did! The Country Club will then cook it for you and serve it up with fries, cole slaw and drawn butter. It was really pretty good.
The bottom picture is a group shot, well kinda, notice no picture of me! What else is new, since I am the one always taking the pictures you don't get to see many of me. But thats the way it goes. I have more pages to make and I will share them with you as soon as I can.
As always, take care!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Florida Vacation 2010 - Babcock Ranch

We took a tour of a real working ranch, the Babcock Ranch. It was a great day to enjoy the eco-tour and see how Florida looks besides just beaches and cement! We saw so many native animals, it was quite a learning experience.
They do a great job of explaining everything, they even supply a young alligator so that you can see one up close. Notice how Justin thought it was okay to look but not touch!!
The swamps were really quite full so we didn't see alot of alligators but it was a beautiful day to enjoy nature in southern Florida.
The next page that I have to share with you is what you would call a "r & r" page; come back and visit me again so that you can see what I mean. As always, take care.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Florida Vacation 2010

Its back to scrapbooking!
Not that I mind, but I am under a deadline to finish the kids scrapbook before the big day! The days to the wedding on June 19, are going by entirely too fast! On the bright side, I am almost done with the "pre-wedding" photos and the book is almost full!
I found out this past weekend, that the "kids" want to show case the scrapbook at the wedding reception for everyone to see! I was so honored, I stamp cards and scrapbook pages because its something for me to do and I enjoy it. To have it on display is really quite an honor for me!
In March, Justin, Kristi and myself flew to Naples, Florida to visit my mom and dad who were vacationing there. There is nothing as pretty as a Florida sunset. Naples is located on the gulf and the house is only a few blocks away. We spent some time on the beach looking for shells and enjoying the beautiful sunset.
I hope that you enjoyed my scrapbook pages, I have some more page that I will post in the next few days. Take care!!