Sunday, January 9, 2011

Love is in the Air? Or is it just Boredom?!

So its terribly cold here in Central Wisconsin, colder farer north but I am almost, not quite, but almost to the point of "I am sick of winter, time for it to warm up!"  We had -15 here, and it sounds like it will be cold all week, not quite as cold as this morning but cold just the same.  Its suppose to warm up to a whopping 18 degrees but then when it warms up, what will happen?  Snow!  The weather guy is predicting that we may get big snow by the next weekend rolls around.  Oh yea!!

So after I got done cleaning yesterday, making chicken noodle soup for our supper I started making Valentine cards. Stampin' Up!  sent all demonstrators with their first order in December these cute Valentine Rub On's. I have not worked alot with rub ons but they are quite easy and make a card come together in fast order. 

This is what I came up with:

Notice how nice my pictures are turning out?!  I got some camera tips from another website and I am really liking the results. The pictures are turning out alot more clear but I still have problems getting to look bigger on this blog so that they don't get blurred. Oh Well, will have to keep on playing with it.

I plan to do some more stamping this afternoon, nothing else to do; house is clean, dusted and mopped, making barbecues for supper; Oh and the big football playoff game is at 3:30 today, so I am sure we will be glued to our TV watching the Packers!!

Take care, as always thanks for stopping.  I just did a preview and maybe I am getting the hang of the photos as they do look better!!

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becki said...

I love your site...mine is still a work in progress....I'm meeting with a friend to help me with the template. Your stamping is so creative. I love scrapbooking, but now all my scrapbooking is digital. Looking forward to keeping in touch with you.