Sunday, January 23, 2011

Take Me to Vegas!

Hey, welcome back!  We've jumped from 1998 to 2004; must not have been able to go anywhere for a few years!!  I just figured it out, my son would have been 15 at the time, probably was not a good time to be going on vacation.  But by the time we got to 2004, son was 21 and probably on his own.  So it was time to go on a vacation jaunt with mom.  Off to Vegas we flew to meet up with my sister.  We had a great time, didn't go to any shows or anything but we still got to do some shopping and see great sights. Alot different, thats for sure from little old Wisconsin!  The Monte Carlo, New York New York, the Harley Davidson shop and Cesar's Palace are just a few of the places that we either walked through or shopped at.
We met up with my sister in Las Vegas for her Truly Nolen (company that she works for) convention. In 2004 it was in Las Vegas.  We stayed at the Westin, just a couple of blocks off of the strip.  For these scrapbook pages I used more of a collage set up, no particular reason. I just had so many pictures that I couldn't just pick one. So I picked most of them!   Don't you love the page on the right; I used Stampin' Up! Blue Brocade. With the blue from the water at the Bellagio, it was perfect!  I was quite impressed with the dancing water and how many people turn out for it. The sidewalk was jammed with people, but I still got some great pictures.

This page is more photos in the collage set up, from Jimmy Buffet's Margaretville, MGM, and the Eifel Tower at Paris. We had wonderful weather, and the sights and sounds were totally different than what I am use to. I would best sum it up, Nice to place to visit but nope I wouldn't want to live there.!

Well I see the next stop is the Mojave Desert. So see you tomorrow and as always, take care.

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