Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Good By 2015, Hello 2016

It seems just yesterday that we were saying good by to 2014 and looking forward to 2015, and here it is time to say good by to 2015 and get ready for a brand new year.  I have been thinking about 2015 and thinking about everything that has happened and realized that I am really truly happy, stress free and it is wonderful!!  I am so blessed to be able to now do what I love and share it with my customers who I call my friends.

I am sharing a card with you that we just made in our December Card Kit Class last night; it is one of those stamp sets from the Annual 2015-2016 Catalog that has probably been overlooked.  When I first saw it, I knew that I had to have it and have been just waiting patiently to share it with my ladies.

The inside greeting that I chose for this card says, "Keep looking up...there may be a Rainbow" I just love this card, it means so much to me.  One of the first things that I noticed after I retired, I was taking my morning walk with my beagle, Teddy; and I realized something.  The sky was so blue!  I think that was sign to me that I had made the right decision and all was right with the world.

So as we go towards 2016, my very best wishes for the coming New Year.
Take care,

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