Monday, June 20, 2016

This Weeks Beautiful Card and Joke of the Week!

What a nice weekend it was, I took a four day weekend to go camping with the hubby.  Even though it was kind of hot and the fish were not biting for us; we still managed to have a good time and relax.  To top it off, our son, Justin and his family stopped in on their way home from their weekend of camping.  It was nice seeing them, especially my sweethearts.  Which is the inspiration of my joke of the week!

But first I want to share with you this lovely card:

This was also a card similar to one we made last month at our Technique Class using the Collar Fold. For this card I used the new Designer Series Paper Pop of Pink.  It is so great using this Collar Fold, because the you get to see both sides of the paper.  I think that the balloons added just the right amount of pop!!

Now for my joke of the week.  As you know, my little granddaughter, Andi, is quite the comedian.  I think that she got her dry wit from her dad, she just makes me laugh!  I hope that you get a chuckle out of this also.

Me:  So!  Are you learning anything in school?
Andi: Yep, lots!
Me:  Are you getting smart?
A:  Yep, I am the smartest person in whole wide world.
M:  Really?!  Smarter than daddy?
A:  Oh yes, I am way smarter than daddy!
M:  Smarter than Papa?
A:  Yep, I am smarter than both of them put together!!

And that's our Andi, four going on twenty-four!! She was smiling the whole time she was telling me this story.  Have a great day and I will be sharing more cards with you starting tomorrow.

As always, take care.


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