Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Best Friends!

Besides stamping, I also love to spend time with my two beagles, Maggie and Tucker. They are both 4 years old and are very good rabbit hunters.

Maggie looks like your regular beagle, the three colors of white, tan and black. Maggie is what you would call a born hunter. She would rather hunt rabbits or squirrels than anything else. Most days you will find her sitting by the patio window watching. We had to do very little training with Maggie, in fact, she trained Tucker on how to hunt rabbits. Maggie is very independent and will let you know when SHE wants to cuddle. She will nap with you, she has her spot and Tucker has his spot.

Tucker is considered a blue beagle; he has a bluish color to his black, white and tan. Tucker has those big brown bedroom eyes that you instantly fall in love with. But don't let those eyes fool you, there is a little devil that will hide your shoes and steal your snack if you happen to leave it laying on a table. But Tucker is a cuddler, he loves to snuggle and sleep with you when you take a nap.

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