Sunday, February 10, 2008

Valentine for my Son!

This is how I spent my Sunday, we woke up today to 20 mph winds, our driveway was drifted some, our side road was drifted and to top it off, we had to dig out one of our hunting dogs. So I decided that today would be a good day to bake cookies and finish my Valentine gift for my son.
If you knew my son, you would think, cookies!! What a great idea!

He just loves cookies, especially chocolate chip or M&M cookies.
So he will be getting his wish, I made a batch of M&M cookies, using the Valentine mix and boxed up 2 1/2 dozen just for him.

I saved this container on the left and just had to personalize it alittle. I used the SU Happy Heart Day to make the flowers and tag, then punched them out using the 1 1/4 round punch and tag punch. The background is Swirling Hearts, all on Stampin' Up's Real Rose cardstock.

And here is the finished container. He'll probably think its corny, as he's 24 years old and lives on his own. But then he will appreciate that I made the cookies just for him. And he does like seeing my creations, even though he and his father do have a tendency of making fun of me and my stamping!

I have a question for anyone who reads this blog, what or how do store your ribbon. Do you use the Stampin' Up Ribbon storage units or do you have a unique idea? I am in the process of making my stamping room, and just not quite sure what to do with my ribbons. They are in a drawer right now in a plastic container, but I think that maybe I would like to do something different with them. Of course, once I find a spot for the ribbons the next problem is "What to do with all of my brads and eyelets?!"

Thanks for stopping and I hope you have a "Happy Valentine's" Day!!


Denise ~ said...

Great idea! Love this container, what a fun way to dress it up! :)

Anonymous said...

I think you should decorate a box and put your ribbons in it ! anyway cool present to give to your son !