Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How Does My Flowers Grow!

I took a walk around our place last night and took some pictues of my flowers. They really are very pretty this year I think.
This first picture is some pink flowers (and I am terrible with names) that my son bought me for Mother's Day about 3 years ago. They just keep re-seeding themselves and come up every year. I think they are just beautiful!

I made a new flower garden next to our walk out of our basement, nothing ever grew there but weeds and the hubby gave me the go-ahead.

So I started out with dividing my big Hosta plant, added some bedding flowers, and this is what I came up with. But something was missing, I went searching for alittle something and found this bear that is now guarding my garden. He's so cute and fits right in, I am partial to bears, anyone who knows me will agree; for some unknown reason!!

My Lupine are just starting to bloom. I had 3 plants and only one came back this year. Of course, I am sure that it didn't help that when my son was plowing the driveway this past winter, he dumped a ton of snow on top of my flower garden, along with most of the gravel from the driveway. But this pink one made it. I bought a couple more at the annual plant swap that our town has, so I hope that they will bloom soon also.

Now these are my yellow flowers! Please if anyone knows the name of them, let me know. All I know is that they come back every year and they spread. I have made 3 flower beds using these pretty yellow flowers, they are very hardy. The yellow flowers are about medium sized, the plant gets to be about 3 feet tall. They are beautiful but I can only have so many flower beds! They will also grow anywhere; shade, full sun, dry conditions, wet conditions.

These aren't flowers, bet you figured that one out pretty fast! Nope, Jim and I were coming back from fishing and we seen these geese swimming from shore. I just had to try my hand at seeing if I could get some decent pictures of them. And actually they turned out pretty good.

And lastly, I wanted to take a picture of my newest Hosta plant. No idea what its name is either, reminds me of elephant ears those. I got the plant from my Grandma Mashin and replanted it next to house. What picture would be complete without having Maggie in at least one of the pictures. She didn't act like she actually enjoyed sitting here while I took her picture, notice how she is ignoring me?! She is very smart and that is just her way of saying, "Oh hurry up already, take the picture!"
Thanks for stopping in, I have some cards to upload and will probably do that tomorrow night. Take care and enjoy the summer because you know that Christmas is only 6 months away!

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the Baitlady said...

Cindy... the pink flowers up top are Dianthus and the yellow ones are Missouri Primrose. Your bear looks good tucked in the garden and poor Maggie looks very bored with the whole situation.