Monday, February 16, 2009

Indian Springs, California

I just started my very own scrapbook. Now that the local craft shop in my hometown went out of business, I no longer have a place to sell my cards and gifts. But since I still wanted to stamp, I thought now is as good as time as any to scrapbook!
Little did I realize that I would have to go back more than ten years! *gasp!! My scrapbook is a book of adventures that I have been on either with my mom and dad or my sister, or just by myself.
So in 1996, my mom and myself flew to Mesa, AZ to first see a friend and then the three of us drove to see my sister in Indian Springs, CA. We stayed a week and then drove back to Arizona to fly back to Wisconsin.
Scrapbooking is fun, but just try and remember what you did 13 years ago!! Good thing that I had some notes handy or I would have never know that my sister lived in Indian Springs!

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