Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Had a Great Vacation

Hi Everyone! Doesn't that sound like a first day thing the teacher would ask you?! But its true I took a week and visited my folks in sunny Florida and had a great time. Let me show you some pictures:

I love taking pictures of flowers and here is one from the front yard of the duplex that I stayed at. Isn't beautiful, I think its a hybiscus, not sure about the spelling.

Here is a picture looking down my mom and dad's street of the sunrise. Why was I up so early you ask? Well I am waiting for the folks as we are getting ready to leave for church. And also I figured that I better take a picture of the sunrise as I was having a hard time taking sunset pictures. It would be beautiful all day, temps in the 80's and when sunset time came, clouds would roll in and hence, no sunset!

Here was a reflection of the sunset on the last night that I was in Florida. I thought it was pretty cool how the reflection in the water turned out.

Isn't he a big allegator??! We went on a tour of a working ranch in southern Florida that also gives tours. I didn't think that we would see as many allegators as we did. It was so interesting to get into the rural area of Florida, away from the high rises and crowds to see some of Florida's nature.

We seen alot of allegators that day; the ranch also raises beef cattle; not to worry though the ranch is on quite a few acres, so the allegators are not near the cattle.

Can anyone say, "Allegator Boots"?

But its back to reality, I have to go back to work tomorrow. Its alot colder here in good old Wisconsin then it was in Florida; was 80 the day before I left and now its 35 here and Jim has the pellet stove running. And as I type this its spitting snow! What a dirty word snow is now!!

But I was happy to get home, the beagles were so happy to see me. Maggie cried and was wagging her tail and couldn't get close enough to give me kisses and Tucker was just as bad. This is a picture of Tucker with his bunny, he was trying to ignore me. But Tucker has a problem....he doesn't know which toy that I brought them he likes better; his toy which is a purple bunny or Maggie's which is a pink pig. So he just keeps hiding both of them and last night he took his bunny to bed with him. Jim checked his crate and he said that he has quite a stock pile of toys in his crate! That little guy just cracks us up!

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the Baitlady said...

Cindy... before I say anything else I have to say THANK YOU!!! That was the nicest card that you sent.

Now... I have to tell you I'm jealous... Florida or any other warm place beside frigid wet Wisconsin this time of the year sounds heavenly.

How nice though that you were able to take off and visit with your family down there. I bet it was hard to come back home; but the puppies I'm sure were happy to see you return.

Aren't those pooches just the funniest when it comes to their toys? Every summer we find a new stash out in the woods just off the edge of the lawn somewhere with a pile of toys that Brandy manages to sneak out of the toy box in the house that are for Bailey and Brooke. She has her own toys; but likes to hide the toys on the girls too.