Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Motivation!

I have never posted a picture of myself, so here is my proof that I did go out into the Gulf, and you can hardly see land! This is a big accomplishment for me. I am not much of a boat rider!

And because the weather right now in Wisconsin is just not very nice, ok its really gloomy, and keeps snowing everytime you turn around it starts to snow again! I thought lets look at some more Florida pictures.

I promise that I will start stamping again real soon!

I thought that this was a cool picture of the pelicans that wait in the harbor for the fishermen to come back with their catch.

Here is a picture of the yaht that we took, it was gorgerous and the crew was so friendly. We didn't have the clearest weather and so no sunset on the gulf but the ride was still fun.

I found my brochure of when when went to the ranch and saw all of the alligators. Its called the Babcock Wilderness Adventures Swamp Buggy Eco-Tours. It was really great, besides the alligators, we seen these Florida cougars, they were in a pen, you don't really think that I would get this close do you?

The tour guide even brought a baby alligator on board the swamp buggy and you could touch him or her. They are really soft, which surprized me as I thought that they would be hard or scally. Don't let the looks of this baby alligator deceive you, he still has sharp teeth! This is a picture of my dad, petting the little guy!
They even have a website, its:

So when your on vacation, you should relax, laugh, and have fun. Well thats just what I did with my mom and dad. We stopped at the Country Club in Naples, FL for a cold one. I talked my dad into trying his luck at catching a lobster out of the lobster tank that they have. And he did, he actually made it look pretty easy! The bar even cooked it for us and brought out some melted butter for us. It was really good, I had never had lobster before, yum!

One of the very few sunsets that I got. It wasn't that we had bad weather, it was very very nice every day up to 80; but by sunset it would cloud up. But I look at it this way, there is always next year!!

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