Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Flowers

After having a warmer than usual June for Wisconsin, we are blessed with a wonderful weekend with more normal temperatures. I don't mind the heat, its the humidity that I don't care for. But last night I went outside to enjoy the weather and decided to take a couple of pictures of my flower garden.
This little bear is guarding my flowers, he is getting up there in years and my husband had to glue part of him back together for me but he is looking good now.
My Evening Primrose, or many of you can remember last year's post and know these flowers as "Cindy's Pretty Yellow Flowers" are blooming right now and aren't they just lovely?!
I love these flowers, they come up every year and require little to no maintenance. In fact, because they spread and I mean spread!! I have transplanted more this spring, gave some away and still have alot . We have some old Maple trees in our front yard, its really hard to mow around them, and I thought why not plant some of these flowers between the two big Maples and see what happens. Well they took right off, are spreading nicely and I don't have to worry about mowing in that area any more. Next year I have plans to transport more. Right now my yard has alot of Pretty Yellow Flowers blooming, too bad I can't find some in differnt colors, now wouldn't that be pretty?
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