Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thank You

Happy January Everyone! Here in Central Wisconsin we are finally getting alittle break from the cold weather. I know that there is alot of winter left but to have a week with temps in the high twentys to low thirtys is really really nice!! Boy, I bet anyone from the southern states are probably think that I am a nut! But it just goes to show that it doesn't take much!!
I needed a thank you card to thank some friends for inviting us to their Christmas Party that was held last night. My husband and I went and had a lovely dinner with their group at a local restaurant in our town.
So the card, I used Stampin' Up! Rich Razzelberry for the main color of cardstock and ink. The stamp set is Fresh Cuts, along with the SU designer paper, some deminsions to add alittle depth and my Thank You card was born!
My thought for today:
Talent is produced in solitude, Character in the stream of life. Goethe
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Dar said...

love your thoughts...and by the way, I's about time we got a break from the bitter cold and snow...I think you have more of the white stuff than we do in North Central WI tho...
stay warm and
Blessings Be Yours