Sunday, March 7, 2010

Yep Spring is Coming!

Yesterday's post I told that I thought that spring was definitely on its way. Well I know its a for sure thing today!! I was outside today and thought that I should check on some daffodils that I have planted on the west side of the house, and look!! They are up!
I like to call these daffodils, Grandma Mashin's daffodils as I was given the go ahead to dig them up two years ago. Years before my grandmother and grandfather had taken a trip to Europe and she bought the bulbs while on the trip.

This is a picture of our outside cat, Kitzer, she is not quite a year old yet and just didn't know what to make of the running water that was flowing today.
In case you are wondering, it was a nice and warm 56 degrees here in Central Wisconsin.
As always, thanks for stopping in!

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