Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Yacht

On our last night in Florida, my mom and dad treated us to a ride aboard this beautiful yacht (which we found out had been built in Wisconsin!). We toured the Gulf coast and watched the sunset.
It was a perfect way to end our vacation and get back to reality. We seen some dolphins (which are almost impossible to get a picture of) and some pelicans.
Justin and Kristy had a great vacation in Florida. Stay tuned for the next adventure. The wedding shower, now that was alittle interesting and fun!!
As always take care, thanks for visiting.


~mel said...

WOW... that's quite the boat! I bet it really was a LOT of FUN!! Your scrapbook pages for the kids is such a nice idea. I'm thinking of making that page I did of Sara and Don into a card ... or using that photo and saying some how.

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