Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Destination Paradise!

When I started making this scrapbook page, that is exactly what I was thinking....Paradise!! The beaches in southern Florida are so pretty and even though we didn't have the warmest weather, we still had fun looking for shells, enjoying a walk on the beach and the sunsets! I don't think a sunset could be any prettier!
We have great sunsets in Wisconsin, and probably anyone can say that no matter where they live, but I really do like the Florida sunsets.
Well I am almost done with the kids scrapbook, I just have one more Florida page; then I will do two pages of the wedding shower and then thats it!! The book is almost full and the wedding is almost here. It seems just a year ago and we were just starting the plans and its now less than two weeks away. I have been asked to brink the scrapbook to the wedding reception, we will have a table with a scrapbook of Kristy's childhood and one of Justin's and this scrapbook in the middle. And before you ask, yes there will be a Volume Two of Justin & Kristy's Memories; it will start with the wedding.

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