Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hollywood Florida in 2006

I flew to Naples, Florida to spend a week with my mom but first I met up with my sister at the airport, she had flown in from Palm Desert, California. We would be driving from Naples to Hollywood, Florida for Tammy's annual convention.

We stayed at the Hardrock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida; it was very nice and we really got to relax.  Thats the best part of the vacations; you can choose to run around, shop or you can just sit around and veg.  That is exactly what dear sister and myself did; we relaxed, had a few cocktails and just enjoyed ourselves.

After her convention, we drove back to Naples, Florida and spent a week with my mom.  For some reason in 2006, my dad had decided not to come with my mom for the spring retreat.

So stay tuned for tomorrow, we will be in Naples and the year is 2006.  Almost sounds like a news commetary doesn't it?!

As always, thanks and take care!

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