Thursday, June 21, 2012

Garden Update!

This spring I decided that just because I can't mow around some of our big oak trees does not mean that they have to look terrible.  
 So I started building a new flower bed around the trees, using only recycled products for the actual flower bed itself.  The bricks I got from my son when he tore down his chimney.  Most of the plants I got at garage sale or from friends.  The bear statute I have had forever, he just looked pretty cool standing guard over everything!
 My welcome sign is a barbed wire wreath that my husband made for me, the barbed wire is from my Grandpa Becker.  When he was done using it he threw it on the "rock pile"  I got it back 20 years later!  And of course, I got the big rock from the rock pile also.
 My petunias are in a old dutch oven that I salvaged from somewhere and the "Welcome" is from a old sign that we had for years!  I wanted a two tier garden as this is a wet area.  Do not notice how crocked my bricks are, it is what it is!  I still like it!
I can't wait to see what it looks like next year once everything has taken off.  I plan to finish the backside of it next spring with more flowers.  Now on for more flower identification.

 Jacobs Ladder
 Missouri or Evening Primrose
 I am leaning towards Evening Primrose as this was taken at 8:30 last night and notice how the flowers have closed up for the evening.
 Blue Lobelia

Star Gazer Lilly

Well thats all I got for now, I will try to keep up on my picture taking.  As always thanks for stopping,


Lois H said...

Very pretty Cindy, thanks for sharing!

~mel said...

Cindy ~ that's going to look awesome when it fills in. Actually, it already looks awesome. I love how you recycled to make it ~ my favorite way of doing things:)