Saturday, May 31, 2008

Memories are Wonderful!

I wanted to share with you some pictures of some plants that I just got from my Grandmother. You see my "Grandma" had beautiful and wonderful flower gardens. She enjoyed her flowers and vegetables and spent alot of time in them. This spring we had to say good-bye to my Grandma; it was her time.

So last weekend, my mom said, "Come up to Grandma's and see if there is anything that you would like." Little did my mom realize that my memories of my Grandma are of her and her garden. So when I got there, where was the first place that I went in search of the perfect thing to remember her by....her garden!

Grandma not only had beautiful flowers but she did something alittle different. She made a wild flower garden on the northside of the garage. These two pictures are of Jack in the Pulpits. I think they are so cool and you can't find them very often. The feathery plant in the middle is a flower called Dutchman's Britches. Its done blooming already this year but I can't wait until next spring to see the little white flowers all in a row on the stem.

I have been referbishing my flower gardens, adding some decoration, etc. Well I added this little bear bird feeder to the middle of my garden and look, there's a little chipmunk checking it out. I call him Alvin, he has alot of fun stealing sunflower seeds and driving Maggie and Tucker crazy, as he zips past them. Its not the greatest picture but I was standing on our porch when I snapped the picture.

The last picture is one of my newest Hosta. I also got this from my Grandma; I really like Hostas and have quite a few different vareties. This one reminds of elephant ears, the leaves are just huge. We planted in an area that we can't get grass to grow. I am pretty sure that it will do pretty good.

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