Sunday, January 24, 2010

Justin's Family

A Scrapbook is all about preserving the memories, the adventures, your life. And even though this scrapbook is all about Justin and Kristy, I just felt that I had to devote a page to each of their families.
This first picture is Justin's family, his mom and dad, or rather me and Jim. Justin is an only child, but an only child that was never treated like one. I remember Justin asking me once when he was probably four years old why he didn't have brothers or sisters. I told him that he did, that Magnum (our then beagle) was his brother. He was happy with that and has treated every beagle in our family just like he or she was a brother or sister. Thus the top picture of Maggie, Jim, Me, Justin and Tucker was so fitting. I wanted a picture of Jim and Justin clowning around and a picture of just me and Jim, which was taken by Justin when we went camping a couple of years ago.
As always, thanks for stopping in. My thought for today:
May each day of your life know the warmth of the rainy sun, the fresh crisp rush of the wind, and the rainy joy of the seagulls flight.

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