Monday, February 22, 2010

Back to Scrapbooking!!

After brief break, I found that I was running out of ideas for my scrapbooking. But I am back now with new ideas and ready to scrapbook again! I have the "kids" scrapbook pretty much done, just need to do a couple more layouts. I am turning my attention to my own forgotten scrapbook and decided it was time to work on that again.
My scrapbook is called, "Cindy's Adventures", because my husband refuses to fly with me, I have been traveling on my own for the last twelve or more years! I couldn't believe that it was that long until I started my scrapbook of adventures.
This page, and for that matter the next few pages were all taken in 1998 when my sister, my mom and our friend, Loretta visited Universal Studios in Los Angeles, CA. We had a great time and I am enjoying looking at the pictures; and also enjoying how much younger we all looked!!
So stay tuned, I have some neat pages to show you. Tomorrow's post with include a double layout page. I like the double pages, as the first page just blends into and compliments the second page. Its pretty neat. Thanks for stopping, I appreciate it!

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