Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beach Time in Florida!

Still in Naples, Florida and its still 2006!  The one morning we went to the beach and look at us!!  We even talked mom into taking off her shoes and dipping her toes in the ocean!

The day was alittle overcast but it was still pretty nice. The last two years that I have went to Florida lately, its been too cold to spend much time on the beach.

Ever try and get an action shot with a digital camera; not exactly the easiest thing to do in the world.  But we managed and the bottom three photos are photos of a dolphin that swam pretty close to the shore. Its always so cool to see the dolphins, they are so pretty and always seem pretty friendly.
The last photo here is another day at the beach, only this time we went to Doc's to see the sunset and enjoy a beverage or two.  Doc's is a beachside bar that rents out jet skis, they also have a parasailing. Did I do either, not a chance!!  But I enjoyed watching.  The beer was cold, and we had a good time. 

Well thats it for my scrapbook pages for now. Its almost five p.m., I have not even started to stamp and I can hear my husband moving around in the other part of the house. Must be time to make some supper, feed the beagles and put the clothes that I have in the washer into the dryer.  Don't think that I have to do this all myself, I can already hear Jim getting the beagle's supper ready.

As always, take care!

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