Saturday, February 27, 2010

Universal Studio Special Effects

Here is the special effects portion of our Universal Studio tour. I still remember how much fun th
was!! You take a trolly type ride through and never know when Jaws is going to come out of the water, or King Kong is going to jump out at you!
It was a great tour and I am so glad that I got some really good pictures.
I wasn't sure what to do with this scrapbook page, but I have to say the assortment of pictures really turned out pretty good!
I see in my stack the next stop will the "Murder She Wrote" set and the Amityville Horror set, then there is the "Leave it to Be Beaver," and "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" sets. So I have more pages coming!
As always, thanks for stopping in.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!!

Part of the tour of Universal Studio is to be part of a flash flood and other scary thing. You can see the water starting to come down the hill, in the middle picture its starting to pick some speed and the last picture its rushing. Of course there is music playing when the water is coming and you feel like you are a part of the scene.
I used some of my crystal brads in golden yellow to add some sparkle to my page. I can't wait to start my next page, it will be the other side of this page as its a double page layout again.
I can't wait to show you and I haven't even made it yet! But I have the idea, so it should be good. I can tell you it was a continuation of the water theme from this page plus more!!
So until next time, take care, thanks for stopping.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Clowing for the Camera!

As we continue our tour of Universal Studios you find alot of different places to have your picture taken. And that is exactly what my sister and I found, from the Stockade to the Flintsones car. We laughed, smiled and giggled and had a great time.
I didn't know if I would like this layout but it really turned out nice and crisp; alittle different and didn't take alot of time. I used the Stampin' Up! Word by Word background stamp for the different expression words that I used. Even though so many of my stamps are retired, I am still getting alot of use out of my stamps.
I don't have alot of stamps and for the last year have had to give up being a demo for Stampin' Up! but I still love their products; and NOW that my dear husband has been called back to work I can look forward to replenishing my supplies of cardstock and maybe even some new stamps!! New stamps, I can't wait!!
Until next time, take care and thanks for stopping!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Backdraft Special Effects!

The next stop in our Universal Studio tour was the "Backdraft" movie set and all of the special effects. I wanted to compliment the photo and postcard that I had, I found that using just the flames on the birthday candles from the now retired Stampin' Up! All About Occasions and the background stamp Print Pattern gave ME the special effects that I was looking for!!
I couldn't believe how easy this page ended up being and how fast I was able to put it all together.
Next stop on our Universal Studio tour will be some clowning around by my sister and I. Heck it was eleven years ago, we were still young!!
Take care, thanks for stopping!

Universal Studio Backlot

This is the double page layout that I was telling you about. The Universal Studio backlot is just filled with all kinds of sets, from downtowns, beach scenes, to the actual studios. The first page

shows the backlot of a old time downtown, a mansion a beach, studios and the Amityville Horror mansion.

The second page shows my sister and I posing the the "Back to the Future" car and my sister by the original car, Kitt from "Knight Rider."

I just love how both of these pictures compliment each other. With all of the stars and the coordinating colors of Stampin' Up's Blue Bayou and Night of Navy. The Silver and Night of Navy stars just give it that little extra accent. The next page that I am working on will be from the movie set, "Backdraft." I think that you'll like that page also.

Thanks for stopping, I hope you enjoy my journey down memory lane.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Back to Scrapbooking!!

After brief break, I found that I was running out of ideas for my scrapbooking. But I am back now with new ideas and ready to scrapbook again! I have the "kids" scrapbook pretty much done, just need to do a couple more layouts. I am turning my attention to my own forgotten scrapbook and decided it was time to work on that again.
My scrapbook is called, "Cindy's Adventures", because my husband refuses to fly with me, I have been traveling on my own for the last twelve or more years! I couldn't believe that it was that long until I started my scrapbook of adventures.
This page, and for that matter the next few pages were all taken in 1998 when my sister, my mom and our friend, Loretta visited Universal Studios in Los Angeles, CA. We had a great time and I am enjoying looking at the pictures; and also enjoying how much younger we all looked!!
So stay tuned, I have some neat pages to show you. Tomorrow's post with include a double layout page. I like the double pages, as the first page just blends into and compliments the second page. Its pretty neat. Thanks for stopping, I appreciate it!