Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beach Time in Florida!

Still in Naples, Florida and its still 2006!  The one morning we went to the beach and look at us!!  We even talked mom into taking off her shoes and dipping her toes in the ocean!

The day was alittle overcast but it was still pretty nice. The last two years that I have went to Florida lately, its been too cold to spend much time on the beach.

Ever try and get an action shot with a digital camera; not exactly the easiest thing to do in the world.  But we managed and the bottom three photos are photos of a dolphin that swam pretty close to the shore. Its always so cool to see the dolphins, they are so pretty and always seem pretty friendly.
The last photo here is another day at the beach, only this time we went to Doc's to see the sunset and enjoy a beverage or two.  Doc's is a beachside bar that rents out jet skis, they also have a parasailing. Did I do either, not a chance!!  But I enjoyed watching.  The beer was cold, and we had a good time. 

Well thats it for my scrapbook pages for now. Its almost five p.m., I have not even started to stamp and I can hear my husband moving around in the other part of the house. Must be time to make some supper, feed the beagles and put the clothes that I have in the washer into the dryer.  Don't think that I have to do this all myself, I can already hear Jim getting the beagle's supper ready.

As always, take care!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Next Stop Naples, Florida in 2006!

 But before we get to Naples, Florida; Tam and I had to take Alligator Alley back to Naples.  We got to see alittle of the Florida Everglades and stopped at a wayside to take a few photos.  They were nothing like I thought that they would be but still very pretty.

We were so lucky to have just lovely weather the week that we were in Florida. The temps were in the low 80's and there was no humidty to speak of. We had a good time and was great to hook back up with mom in Naples.
Naples, Floriday in 2006!!  Look at that gorgerous sunset!  As many times as I have been to Florida, I always take alot of photos of the sunset.  I really do love the Florida sunset.  I am sure that you will see alot of scrapbook pages of my sunsets but everyone is different. The colors really do seem to change and take on a different set up.  I must not be the only one that loves a Florida sunset because the beach is always full when you drive down to see the sunset.

Using up more retired Stampin' Up! cardstock and stamp set. I couldn't resist dusting off this stamp set, its called Shore Thing and the shells are from the retired set Seaside.  I am so glad that I kept both of these sets.  Its just what my Florida pages needed.

The best part of these pages is that I am sitting in my computer room/Jim's den and when I look out the window there is two feet of snow and its probably about 10 degrees out!!  (If we are lucky, suppose to get even colder tonight...don't ask!)

Tomorrow we are going to the beach!
As always take care,

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hollywood Florida in 2006

I flew to Naples, Florida to spend a week with my mom but first I met up with my sister at the airport, she had flown in from Palm Desert, California. We would be driving from Naples to Hollywood, Florida for Tammy's annual convention.

We stayed at the Hardrock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida; it was very nice and we really got to relax.  Thats the best part of the vacations; you can choose to run around, shop or you can just sit around and veg.  That is exactly what dear sister and myself did; we relaxed, had a few cocktails and just enjoyed ourselves.

After her convention, we drove back to Naples, Florida and spent a week with my mom.  For some reason in 2006, my dad had decided not to come with my mom for the spring retreat.

So stay tuned for tomorrow, we will be in Naples and the year is 2006.  Almost sounds like a news commetary doesn't it?!

As always, thanks and take care!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mojave Desert in 2004

My mom and I had flown to Palm Springs, California before we went to Vegas; from Palm Springs we drove to Vegas with my sister.  One of our pitstops was the Mojave Desert. 

Now what do you think of these page??!!  I took some retired Stampin' Up Designer paper and paired it with some Rose Red cardstock, added some fibers that I found, I believe my dad found them for me at a garage sale!  Anyway, this page took shape so fast that I was pleastantly surprized at how well it turned out.

Thats one great thing about scrapbooking, I am using up my retired Stampin' UP! cardstock, designer papers and accessories. What a great way also to use supplies that I consider "old friends".

Thanks for stopping in, the next time we travel will be to Hollywood, Florida in 2006.

As always take care,

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Color Challenge #1

The Stampin' UP! stamping group I belong had a color challenge, three colors are chosen and you have to create a card using that color combination. The colors for our first challenge is Pacific Point, Old Olive and More Mustard.

I used the stamp set, Thanks for Caring and Tiny Tags and I also tried a new technique. Its called Faux Tile that I found on the Splitcoast Stampers website. I really love how this card turned out.

As always thanks for stopping in.  I am throwing this post out right away, the scrapbook ones have been set up to follow daily this week.

Take care,

Take Me to Vegas!

Hey, welcome back!  We've jumped from 1998 to 2004; must not have been able to go anywhere for a few years!!  I just figured it out, my son would have been 15 at the time, probably was not a good time to be going on vacation.  But by the time we got to 2004, son was 21 and probably on his own.  So it was time to go on a vacation jaunt with mom.  Off to Vegas we flew to meet up with my sister.  We had a great time, didn't go to any shows or anything but we still got to do some shopping and see great sights. Alot different, thats for sure from little old Wisconsin!  The Monte Carlo, New York New York, the Harley Davidson shop and Cesar's Palace are just a few of the places that we either walked through or shopped at.
We met up with my sister in Las Vegas for her Truly Nolen (company that she works for) convention. In 2004 it was in Las Vegas.  We stayed at the Westin, just a couple of blocks off of the strip.  For these scrapbook pages I used more of a collage set up, no particular reason. I just had so many pictures that I couldn't just pick one. So I picked most of them!   Don't you love the page on the right; I used Stampin' Up! Blue Brocade. With the blue from the water at the Bellagio, it was perfect!  I was quite impressed with the dancing water and how many people turn out for it. The sidewalk was jammed with people, but I still got some great pictures.

This page is more photos in the collage set up, from Jimmy Buffet's Margaretville, MGM, and the Eifel Tower at Paris. We had wonderful weather, and the sights and sounds were totally different than what I am use to. I would best sum it up, Nice to place to visit but nope I wouldn't want to live there.!

Well I see the next stop is the Mojave Desert. So see you tomorrow and as always, take care.